The mission of this blog is to educate people on why they should pay cash for a car they can truly afford. The “why” is a big deal and I will spend some time on it in this blog. I want this blog to also be a source for how to buy a better cash car. I will focus on cars $5,000 and under to help those in debt get started on the path to financial health.

The techniques I present will work for buying any cash car with slight variations. While I have never worked in the auto industry, I believe the experience I have of buying inexpensive cars can help others do the same.

I also hope this blog can become an area where like minded people come to share their own experiences about auto debt and help support those trying to find their way out. I believe the stories of others can allow this blog to be a source of inspiration to others as we all learn from each other.

I would like to see it become a “Cash Car Club.” A meeting place for like minded individuals to share information to make us all better at finding, buying, and maintaining cash cars.

Buy a cash car and kick auto debt to the curb!

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      Thanks Derek!