Make This a December to Remember

December to Remember

We all have seen the commercials asking us to make this a December to remember. In fact, every December we see the same ads. All asking us to buy a new car for the holidays. These ads work hard to convince us our Christmas holiday will be perfect if we only give our spouse a new car.

If you buy your spouse a new car on credit, you will have a December to remember. The facts are the average new car is bought with a loan that stretches out to 65 months. This means you will remember this December with average new car payments of $464 per month for the next 5 Decembers.

I have a different idea of how to make this December memorable. Give yourself and your family a real gift to remember. Decided you will no longer be enslaved by auto debt. Make this the month you decide to invest in yourself and your family instead of things. The month you give yourself the gift of financial freedom.

It can start this month. Make the decision to change your life. It can start with this single decision. I know you can do it. Just decide to never go into debt for a car again. Never! A little less than 30% of cars purchased are purchased with cash. You can join the club.

Write it down on a piece of paper, make it real. Then put the paper where you can see it everyday until you achieve it. Be intentional about finding a way to eliminate your auto debt.

How quickly you can make freedom from auto debt a reality will depend on you.

How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it?

Are you willing to take a second job?

Are you will to sell anything that isn’t a necessity?

Are you willing to drive something that is practical rather than prestigious?

If you are, you will be out of auto debt and be a cash car convert soon.

Use the resources on this site and around the web. They will help you find a good reliable used car you can buy with cash.

Reach out to me with any questions. I want you to be successful in this journey.

Many others have been successful and so can you.

Question: What will you do to make this a December to remember?

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  • Jared Easley

    I owe $700 on my car! I am ready to pay it off 🙂

    • James Kinson

      Good for you! I will be happy to welcome you to the cash car club. Thanks for sharing.