Check Your State’s DMV on My New Clickable Map Page

I wanted to create something to help those who have only purchased through car dealerships and have never done a title transfer to have access to their states Department of Motor  Vehicles (DMV) site. While each state calls these sites something a little different and may be set up quite different, they all do essentially the same thing.

They tell you what you have to do in your state to properly transfer a tile after a sale. What forms are required. What taxes are due. Who needs to be present to do the transfer. There are many other valuable links on these sites. I think you will like what you find. It can be very empowering to the novice car buyer.

I think access to these sites will embolden those who might otherwise continue to drive their debt laden car for fear of the unknown. The process to register a transfer of title is not too difficult and once people realize this, one more barrier to driving a cash will have been removed.

I am not an expert in every state and as I stated the sites can be quite different. Some links will take you to the main DMV site because all the resources are fairly well explained. On other sites I drilled down more specifically to title transfers and registration pages.

If anyone needs help with their state, please let me know and I will help you find what you are looking for it it is on the sit

If anyone more familiar with a particular state thinks there is a better resource page, please let me know.

Please find the page link to the clickable map here: Clickable U.S. Map Page

I would really like some feedback on this page and whether it brings value to this community.

Question: What else could be added to this site to make it more effective?

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