CCC063: How Can I Get 200,000 Miles Plus?

How Can I Get 200,000 Miles Plus?

To start this episode, I want people to take a reality check. Most of us are too optimistic when it comes to our futures. I’m all for positive thinking, but we most often expect the future to be better than our pasts. This isn’t always the case. This concept is illustrated by a Prudential Insurance ad where they ask […]

CCC062: Steve Stewart and the Cash Car Story

Steve Stewart Cash Car Story

Steve Stewart back on the Cash Car Convert show to tell his Cash Car Story. Okay, Steve agreed to be on to get me back behind the microphone. The things some people will do to help a friend. He continues to be a great supporter of this show. I’m humbled and appreciate his support. Let’s just say […]

CCC060: The One Thing

Hey converts! It feels good to be back behind the mic! April was a busy month! Taxes were due to be filed and I had and audit for the previous year’s taxes. Yikes! My wife and I Bought two houses using the 1031 exchange program to defer taxes on a house we sold in March. We […]

CCC058: My “New” Used Cash Car

My car history

My wife and I finally bought our third used cash car, after thinking about it for a couple of months, and just in time. My mother-in-law arrived tonight. So, we won’t have to do the car shuffle. After thinking of something sporty or maybe small and super economical, we finally decided on something in the […]

CCC057: Help, I’m in an Auto Lease!

auto lease

Today, I will go through articles I found on the web to help listeners determine the best way to get out of an auto lease. US News and World Report: Buying vs. Leasing Benefits of Leasing a Car Leasing a car is similar to financing the purchase of the car in many ways, but there […]

CCC056: Ron Whitson – Beating Debt with a Cash Car or Two

This is a special episode for me! I’m getting to interview a friend I’ve know for about 10 years. He and I have played tennis with and against each other. His name is Ron Whitson. Ron is a class guy, and it is my honor to call him friend. A while back, I was on Facebook […]

CCC055: The One I didn’t Buy – Mercedes SLK230

Mercedes SLK230

I want to start off the show talking about my pastor’s current series at Gateway Church, the Blessed Life. It is an awesome series and I would recommend anyone give it a listen. It will change your life. It is based on Pastor Robert Morris’ best selling book of the same name. The Blessed Life: As […]

CCC052: 2014 in Review

Year in Review

The Cash Car Convert show 2014 in review. What a blessed year! What has happened with the podcast? Great guests Pat Flynn John Lee Dumas Rachel Cruze Tom Corley Larry Winget Jaime Tardy Dan Miller Jared Easley Steve Stewart Break throughs: Speaking Podcast Dallas Meetup Podcast South Florida Meetup North Austin Entrepreneur Meetup Podcast Movement […]

CCC046: Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

One of the people I planned to meet at FinCon14 was Todd Tresidder. Mission accomplished! Todd has an amazing story. He went from being a high school entrepreneur and mechanic to hedge fund manager. He found himself “retired” at age 35 after selling the hedge fund business he was a partner in. This was in 1998. […]