CCC052: 2014 in Review

Year in Review

The Cash Car Convert show 2014 in review. What a blessed year! What has happened with the podcast? Great guests Pat Flynn John Lee Dumas Rachel Cruze Tom Corley Larry Winget Jaime Tardy Dan Miller Jared Easley Steve Stewart Break throughs: Speaking Podcast Dallas Meetup Podcast South Florida Meetup North Austin Entrepreneur Meetup Podcast Movement […]

CCC050: Steve Stewart from MoneyPlan SOS

Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart has a great story about the way his journey to financial started. It started with the Rippingtons. Steve was driving in his car and heard the Rippintons being played on a radio station. Being a jazz guy, he decided to hang on through he break and see what else they had to offer. Much to […]

CCC048: Worried about Student Loan Debt? Why not Auto Debt?

Beware Auto Debt

If you turn on the news on any given day, you have a good chance of hearing about the epidemic of student loan debt. You will hear about a generation losing their ability to borrow for cars, homes, or furnishings. I share the concern over student loan debt, it is a problem. I see a larger problem. […]

CCC046: Financial Mentor Todd Tresidder

One of the people I planned to meet at FinCon14 was Todd Tresidder. Mission accomplished! Todd has an amazing story. He went from being a high school entrepreneur and mechanic to hedge fund manager. He found himself “retired” at age 35 after selling the hedge fund business he was a partner in. This was in 1998. […]

CCC044: #FinCon14 Road Trip


My road trip to FinCon14. As I record this episode, I’m on I49 in Louisiana on my way to New Orleans. FinCon14 is a financial bloggers conference. This is my first trip to FinCon. At this conference, bloggers and podcasters get together to socialize and build a community around helping people with their personal finance. All […]

CCC041: Life Happens

Life Happens

Life happens to all of us. Two weeks ago I attend a funeral for my wife’s grandfather. This week, I became a grandfather. It can all happen fast. Many people live their lives as though nothing in their life was going to change. They have an expectation of perfection in their lives that just doesn’t […]

CCC039: Be the Hero of Your Own Story

Be Your Own Hero

I want you to be the hero of your own story. Why you ask? No one is coming to rescue you, that’s why. Not the lottery, not a millionaire, not a family member, and not the government. In the last 5 years the economic down turn has caused most american families to feel less certain about […]

CCC038: Debt in America and The Real Unemployment Rate

My Podertainment Podcast Magazine Cover

So many topics to cover this week. I apologize for missing a week on my podcast. A friend who lost their job had their car repossessed. The Urban Institute publishes a report on Debt in America. This report shows that 91 percent of the population in the United States has a credit score. Of those 35% have […]

CCC036: Update on a Listener’s Question and How Growth Happens

Cash Car Convert

In this episode, I provide an update on a listener question, how growth happens in uncomfortable moments, my new podcast logo and why it is changing, my new book coming at the end of July, my current speaking schedule, and a PDF gift for subscribing to my website. I provide an update to mbundy82’s, Matt Bundy, […]