CCC056: Ron Whitson – Beating Debt with a Cash Car or Two

This is a special episode for me! I’m getting to interview a friend I’ve know for about 10 years. He and I have played tennis with and against each other. His name is Ron Whitson. Ron is a class guy, and it is my honor to call him friend. A while back, I was on Facebook […]

CCC055: The One I didn’t Buy – Mercedes SLK230

Mercedes SLK230

I want to start off the show talking about my pastor’s current series at Gateway Church, the Blessed Life. It is an awesome series and I would recommend anyone give it a listen. It will change your life. It is based on Pastor Robert Morris’ best selling book of the same name. The Blessed Life: As […]

CCC054: What You Need to Know About Auto Leasing

auto leasing

Let’s explain the dangers of auto leasing! Jeff Bartlett, deputy automotive editor at Consumer Reports “If you asked me what is the most expensive way to get a car, the answer would be: You only want to own it during its period of greatest depreciation and then move to another new vehicle.” “Well, that’s what […]

CCC053: Budgets, Debts, Savings, and What’s Best for the Economy


I’m going to be talking about a few things today. I’m going to speak about a woman who paid off her debt and what her budget looked like before and after paying off the debt. Budgets can be a wonderful tool to tell a story. I’m also going to speak about an article I found comparing […]