CCC023: Getting Out Of The Car Payment Business

Steve Stewart

The largest purchase most people make is their house. The second is their cars. Dealers know that, but they won’t share it with you. However, they will show you how they can “get you into this car for the low monthly payment of fill-in-the-blank.” Monthly payments are the biggest distractions salesmen use against us – […]

CCC022: Jim Munchbach Renaissance Man

Jim Munchbach

On today’s podcast I interview a Jim Munchbach, who is a real renaissance man. He has worked as a master mechanic, now has his own State Farm Agency, he is a Certified Financial Planner, he is college professor at the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston, he hosts multiple podcasts, he is […]

CCC021: 7 Tips to Sell Your Car Fast

If you have been listening to my podcast, you understand the quality used car buying process. Now, I am going to take you through the steps I use when selling my own car. I have sold many cars over the years and I have had a great deal of success. The last three cars I sold […]

CCC020: My Journey

My Journey

How much does mindset matter? This week we will explore how much mindset has impacted my life. I hope by me sharing my journey, a journey I have only shared with just a handful of people. Some of this journey may resonate with what you are going through or have gone through. I want to […]

CCC019: How to Purchase a Quality Used Car

This is my favorite time in the used car purchasing process. Finally getting to purchase a “new” car after all the work and getting to drive a quality used car home. If you have followed my previous episodes in your used car search, you have done your research and found a car that makes sense […]

CCC018: My Interview on the Social Business Podcast

On today’s show, I am replaying an interview I did on the Social Business Podcast. This podcast is produced by my friend Jim Munchbach. Jim formerly worked at Sears as a master mechanic. He is now a published author of two books, a college professor, and a State Farm agent. Click Here He is interviewing me […]