CCC017: 4 Reasons Not To Be an Average American

Don't be an Average American in 2014

On today’s podcast I will be giving my thoughts on a few things I have been wanting to discuss with you. I will then dive into 4 Reasons Not To Be an Average American. Reminder about My Speaking Engagement Before I get into that, I will to remind everyone I will be speaking at the […]

CCC015: Interview with Beyond the To-Do List’s Erik J. Fisher

I interview a person who is the Social Media Manager at Indiana Wesleyan University, a Podcaster at Beyond the To Do List, and Social Media Correspondent for Podcast Answer Man. He is also the co-author of Beyond the To-Do List: Goals. He is also the master of all things bacon. He is Mr. Erik J. […]

CCC014: 10 Questions to Qualify a Used Car By Phone

In this episode of the Cash Car Convert Podcast I will cover 10 questions you should ask before going to see a used car. To quote the old Yellow Pages commercial, “Let your fingers do the walking.” Do spend your time or gas needlessly. Prequalify each car before you drive to inspect. 10 Questions to qualify […]

CCC013: Tips for Buying a Better Cash Car

Tips I lay out in this episode are especially relevant for inexpensive cars being bought for 5000 or less. I believe the lower the target price a car buyer has, the more homework needs to be done to ensure finding a quality car. Those in debt with no savings need to get their cash car […]

CCC012: Think Before You Make That Trade

used car trade

I have never traded in a car. I have thought about it and even tried on occasion. Each time the price offered would have forced me to leave too much money on the table. I haven’t been willing to do that, yet. I always end up selling the car myself. I have never failed to […]