CCC011: Interview Mobile Mixed’s Greg Hickman

I am excited today to have with us a person who has been involved in mobile since 2005. He has created mobile content for major brands and small startups a like. He’s a mobile marketing consultant, blogger, podcaster, speaker, coach, advisor, and soon to be husband. Since September of 2013, he got engaged, sold his […]

CCC010: What to do With an Underwater Car Loan

I went out and reviewed my Google Analytics stats for my website,, and found that the number one search bringing people to my site had to do with some combination of words having to do with an underwater loan. I was surprised by this given I had only written one article on this subject. […]

CCC008: Interview Simple Life Together’s Dan & Vanessa Hayes

About five years ago, husband and wife team, Dan and Vanessa Hayes, decided to forgo the consumer consumption lifestyle that most of us take for granted. Instead of accumulating more stuff, they are now working to edit their lifestyle down to only things they need, love, and use. Click to Listen Both Dan and Vanessa credit […]

CCC007: Interview with Entrepreneur on Fire’s John Lee Dumas

We have John Lee Dumas with us, who had an idea or “AHA” moment and then took massive amounts of action to achieve his dream. John created Entrepreneur on Fire, a 7 day a week podcast. I should note he did this when many podcasting experts said it couldn’t be done. Undaunted John moved forward. Now, […]

CCC006: Why the Current System for Buying Cars is Broken

I spend this episode reviewing why the current system for buying cars is broken and what you can do to change the game in your favor. Why you should buy a cash car and how it can benefit you. How you can use car payments not spent on cars to establish an emergency fund, save […]

CCC005: Interview with’s Phil Anderson

Phil Anderson shares with us the story of how he was laid off with no savings and both credit card and auto debt. He tells how his life changed when his girlfriend, an account and now his wife, created spread sheet to help him budget his money. From this simple beginning was born. Phil […]