CCC052: 2014 in Review

Year in Review

The Cash Car Convert show 2014 in review. What a blessed year!

What has happened with the podcast?

Great guests

Pat Flynn

John Lee Dumas

Rachel Cruze

Tom Corley

Larry Winget

Jaime Tardy

Dan Miller

Jared Easley

Steve Stewart

Break throughs:


Podcast Dallas Meetup

Podcast South Florida Meetup

North Austin Entrepreneur Meetup

Podcast Movement 2014

FinCon 2014

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Podcast Interviews:

Empowered Podcast

Cash Flow Apprentice

Living on the Rock

Your Life Detective

Make Your Money Count

Starve the Doubts

MoneyPlan SOS

Stacking Benjamin’s


The Plutus Award Finalist

Being on the cover of Podertainment magazine


December my best month in 2014


70 in 2014

2015 Goals

More speaking (self created  opportunities – local speaking universities/libraries)

More speaking at conferences and meetups

Local TV/Radio interviews

Completion of the much delayed book a priority for 1Q 2015

I would love to hear your stories from 2014 and goals for 2015!

Have a great new year and prosperous 2015!!


Empowered Podcast –

Cash Flow Apprentice –

Your Life Detective –

Make Your Money Count –

Living on the Rock –

Starve the Doubts #99-

Starve the Doubts #100 –

MoneyPlan SOS –

Stacking Benjamin’s –

Plutus Awards – Best  Personal Financial Podcast Finalist –

Podertainment Online Magazine –

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  • Congratulations on an amazing year James! Great job sir!!