CCC045: #FinCon14 Live Broadcast with Jared Easley (@JaredEasley)


After my road trip to FinCon14. I recorded this episode, interviewing my friend Jared Easley, at FinCon 14 in New Orleans. FinCon14 is a financial bloggers conference. This is my first trip to FinCon. At this conference, bloggers and podcasters get together to socialize and build a community around helping people with their personal finance. All financial points of view are represented. I’m looking forward to making new friends in New Orleans at FinCon14.

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My interview with Jared focused on his rise from new podcaster, creating Starve the Doubts, to co-founder of the Podcast Movement, the only conference specifically for podcasters. Jared is also a #1 best selling Amazon author in multiple categories with his book Podcasting Good to Great.

I also want to thank my friends Steve Stewart and Phillip Taylor for helping feel at home at my first FinCon.

Lastly, congratulations to Frank Manzella (@Frank_Manzella)as the winner of the autographed copy of Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsay and Rachel Cruze.


Jared Easley:

Jared’s Book Podcasting Good to Great:

Steve Stewart:

Phillip Taylor:

PodMov University:

Frank Manzella:


Plutus Awards Finalists Announced:

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  • Amazing story Jared. I’ve been really curious as to how you did that. So excited to join you next year for Podcast movement.

    So excited for podmov university too!!!

  • James, paying cash for cars and encouraging the $3k-$5k price bracket is the sexiest thing I’ve heard all week!

    Looking forward to future episodes, and of course the story of Podcast Movement 2014 was awesome, Jared.

    • Thanks Leilani! I didn’t realize it, but I guess I’m bringing sexy back! Now that I think of it, it’s sexy to retire with dignity and definitely sexy to pay for ones children’s college education.

      Thanks again for the comments. It means a lot. Let me know if there is anything I should be covering in my podcast that I’m not. I’m always looking to improve.


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