CCC038: Debt in America and The Real Unemployment Rate

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So many topics to cover this week.

I apologize for missing a week on my podcast.

A friend who lost their job had their car repossessed.

The Urban Institute publishes a report on Debt in America. This report shows that 91 percent of the population in the United States has a credit score. Of those 35% have at least one account in collection. Seriously!

Also discussed is the really unemployment number for the United States based on an article by Peter Morici in the Washington Times. While unemployment stands at 6.1% according to the Labor Department, based number of factors a case could be made for real unemployment being at least 18%.

A relay the story of how proper savings has led one friend to smile continuously while discussion her retirement.

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I discuss how making a small change in your life can have a major impact.

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