CCC034: Smart Money Smart Kids with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze is  a NY Times & Wall Street #1 bestselling author. Someone who has spent a great deal of the last 5 years touring college campuses large and small all around this great country of ours teaching the youth how to handle money.

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Rachel was only 6 months old when her dad Dave Ramsey lost everything in bankruptcy and started building back from the ground up. For years, she saw the sacrifices her parents made. It wasn’t always easy, but she learned early on how to save for the future, spend wisely, avoid debt, and give generously. They gave her a gift, and it’s one she can’t keep to herself. She wants to help you do the same for yourself and your family.

It’s her passion to teach others what she has learned. That’s why she travels the country speaking to audiences large and small. It may seem overwhelming at times, but you really can put yourself in a position to win with money and teach your kids along the way!

Smart Money Smart Kids

In Smart Money Smart Kids, Rachel Cruze and her father best-selling author Dave Ramsey equip parents to teach their children how to win with money. Starting with the basics like working, spending, saving, and giving then moving into more challenging issues like avoiding debt, paying cash for college, and battling discontentment, Rachel and Dave present a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to changing your family tree.


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