CCC026: Interview with Beverly Vaughan, Strong People Cannot be Defeated

My sister, Beverly Vaughan, was diagnosed with uterine cancer in 1988 when she was 28 years old. She was given 6 months to live. She thought she would never see her daughter be married or have children, but she did. How did she do it?

Listen to today’s show and find out.

I believe Beverly’s story will let you know you can always fight back, you have that choice. You don’t have to accept your current reality as your permeant reality.

Change your reality, Beverly did!

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What Cancer Can't Do


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  • James – Really was blessed by this podcast; took courage for Beverly to share it, you to do the interview. Not dealing with any of those issues. However, dealing with attack after attack as a HUGE breakthrough is AT HAND!

    • James Kinson

      Bruce, thank you for the comment. I wish you the best in dealing with your attack. I know you will get the breakthrough!