CCC025: Interview with The Iron Jen

Four year ago, Jen McDonough found her family hitting rock bottom when their son was diagnosed with a lifetime medical condition. They were devastated both financially and emotionally. During this very painful, embarrassing, and difficult time, They went through many obstacles in not only in their finances, but also in their relationships, health, and jobs.

Using the strategies learned from being an athletic champion, they were able to create incredible outcomes. Their story would go on to reach people through local, national, and international media (including being featured in a German documentary film)

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Today, she assists in building stronger organizations, communities, and families by helping people learn how to leverage their advertises to become their strongest selves using her 20+ year experiences of becoming an:

• Ironman triathlete after not being able to run, bike, or swim.
• Eight-time national Olympic-style weightlifter after starting off with a broomstick.
• Author of three Amazon Top 100 books in one year after being ridiculed as a child and an adult for her grammar skills (one of those books has been in Amazon’s Kindle Top 100 for over two years while another one hit number one in Amazon’s budgeting category).
• Paid off over $212,000 worth of debt & medical expenses in 4 years after not being able to pay their monthly expenses.
• She is an empowered parent of a child who was diagnosed with an incurable lifetime medical condition after being emotionally & financially devastated.

Through her roles as a motivational storyteller, engaging author, and internet radio show host, she gives hope, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to people to create the life they desire by removing some of the “clutter” in life that we all pile up from time to time.

Audiences relate to her stories as they can see it isn’t from some flashy Ken or Barbie doll type person, but rather through an ordinary and authentic working mom of four.


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  • James, THANK YOU for letting us be on your show. It was such an honor!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

    • James Kinson

      Thank you Jen! You were awesome and I know you will continue to inspire. Thank you so much for being on!!

  • Jen, and her story, is the real deal!
    I have followed their story and worked with her personally, becoming friends in the process.
    In the vein of “what you see is what you get” anyone listening to this podcast will experience “what you hear is what you get” or in other words – an honest, transparent, vulnerable, and inspirational account of a person (and family) who went through the process of becoming (and still are becoming) who they were destined to be!
    In short, dive into this pool – you won’t be sorry that you did!

    • James Kinson

      Jen is great! Thank you, Bruce, for listening!