CCC015: Interview with Beyond the To-Do List’s Erik J. Fisher

I interview a person who is the Social Media Manager at Indiana Wesleyan University, a Podcaster at Beyond the To Do List, and Social Media Correspondent for Podcast Answer Man. He is also the co-author of Beyond the To-Do List: Goals. He is also the master of all things bacon. He is Mr. Erik J. Fisher.

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I met Erik at NMX January. I told him I was a recent follower of his show, so I didn’t know if you would be a good fit for mine. He sent me to listen to Beyond the To-Do List episode 46 with Rachael Cruze.

I listened and determined he would be a great fit.

In that episode, He discussed how he and his family should be debt free in 2014. We will discuss this and his side hustle in this episode.


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  • James, I have to be honest. When I read the title of this episode I figured you were just running the interview circuit like everyone else.

    I’ve heard Erik interviewed on a bunch of other shows and was ready to skip through it when all of the sudden you tied it to the Cash Car Convert mission! So now I have to thank you for bringing another great story to your show.

    Keep kicking car debt to the curb!

    • James Kinson

      Thank you Steve. I am trying to bring on guests that will either teach: Edmunds and CARFAX, or inspire.

      I believe Dave Ramsey that only 20% of taking care of our finances is knowledge. I think the inspirational interviews are important to help change mindset and get to the 80% behavioral change needed.

      I want my audience to know there are other people out there who were like them and those people changed their choices and changed their lives.

      I appreciate all you have done for my podcast!

    • To think you almost passed over a great episode by James because of my name… 🙂