CCC008: Interview Simple Life Together’s Dan & Vanessa Hayes

About five years ago, husband and wife team, Dan and Vanessa Hayes, decided to forgo the consumer consumption lifestyle that most of us take for granted. Instead of accumulating more stuff, they are now working to edit their lifestyle down to only things they need, love, and use.

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Both Dan and Vanessa credit Michael Hyatt’s Life Plan worksheets with helping them determine life goals separately and together. This enables them to make all decisions through the lens of their five pillars.

  • Faith: What guides us and carries us along the way
  • Family: We’ve been blessed with an incredible extended family
  • Friends: We have friends all over the world and down the street. No matter where they are, they are always as close as our thoughts.
  • Finances: Money doesn’t buy happiness but enables opportunities for us, our kids, and others. It should be respected, not worshipped.
  • Future: We look to the future as an opportunity and prepare accordingly. Dan says the best place to meet is at “The intersection of Preparation and Opportunity”

Be like Dan and Vanessa, begin with the desired end state in mind.


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  • Daniel Hayes

    We had a GREAT time on the show, James! Thanks for having us!

    • James Kinson

      Thank you Dan! I had a great time speaking to you guys too. Thank you for being on. It was my honor to interview you guys!