CCC007: Interview with Entrepreneur on Fire’s John Lee Dumas

We have John Lee Dumas with us, who had an idea or “AHA” moment and then took massive amounts of action to achieve his dream. John created Entrepreneur on Fire, a 7 day a week podcast. I should note he did this when many podcasting experts said it couldn’t be done. Undaunted John moved forward. Now, in less than 18 months, he has aired over 450 podcasts delivering on his 7 day a week promise. This has earned him $100,000 and over 300,000 downloads every month.

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If that was all he had done, that would be enough, but no, he has also written a book, Podcast Launch, which provides not only his story, but also tells others how to launch their podcast. The Kindle version comes with 15 video tutorials to get you started.

This too would be enough, but no, he also created a membership site dedicated to teach people everything they need to know about podcasting. It is called Podcaster’s Paradise and can be found at

I recommend both Podcast Launch and Podcaster’s Paradise to anyone thinking of starting a podcast. Both will be linked up in the show notes at Cash Car Convert dot com.

I also have to give Podcaster’s Paradise a special shout out, as I had an eleventh launch issue with this podcast. Videos on Podcaster’s Paradise helped me solve my problem and meet my objectives to get my podcast launched in December.


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  • James,

    Thanks for the great opportunity, I truly enjoyed!!

    ~ John Lee Dumas

    • James Kinson

      John, My absolute pleasure!

      • James Kinson

        Thanks Jared, it means a lot given all you have accomplished!

  • Jared Easley

    Outstanding job James! I am proud of you sir. Great interview!